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Fall 2017

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School Fever
By Brod Bagert

I can’t believe it happened,
Oh, unhappiness and sorrow,
I started school today
But I can’t go back tomorrow.

I was on a school computer
And it played a dirty trick,
It zapped me with a virus
And I feel a little sick.

This computer-virus fever
Is a very dangerous thing,
And the winter makes it worse,
So I can’t go back till spring.

But spring is when the flowers bloom,
The daisy and the rose,
And the pollen gives me allergies
That terrorize my nose.

So if I stay home every day
And get  a lot of rest,
When vacation starts next summer
I’ll be almost at my best.

And summertime is healthy,
I can play outside all day,
But how’s a kid supposed to wait?
It’s nine whole months away!