Women of the Silk by Gail Tsukiyama

Pei’s family:
Yu-Sung Pei’s mother
Pao Chung Pei’s father
Li- Pei’s older sister
Yu-Ling Pei’s baby sister
Girl’s House:
Auntie Yee owns Girls’ house
Moi cook and housekeeper
Lin Pei’s closest friend
Mei-Li Pei’s friend who commits suicide
Chen Ling “daughter” of Auntie Yee.  Leader of striking girls.
Ming  good friend of Chen Ling; badly burned in factory
Su-lung Pei’s coworker who lives at home
Chung owner of silk factory
Chan supervisor in factory
Sisters’ House:
Kung Ma  keeps accounts for the sisters
Sui Ying a sister married to Lau Chen; waiting for him to send for her
Lee Moi sister at house
Ji Shen orphan from Nanking who is taken in by the Sisters
Lin’s family:
Wong Hung-Hui Lin’s father
Wong Tai Lin’s mother
Ho Chee Lin’s brother who will be married
Ho Yung Lin’s brother who looks like Lin
Mui beloved servant in Lin’s house
Hong Su-ling’s brother who gets Mei-Li pregnant
Chan Auntie Yee’s half-brother who she dearly loves


Compiled by Marcia Blackman

East Meadow Public Library

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